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How do you protect your online identity?

Most of us spend a great deal of time online, whether conducting research for our jobs or connecting with friends and family on our social media sites. But let’s be honest, how often do you think about protecting your online … Continue reading

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Everyone Must Be Responsible When It Comes to Information Security

Top management teams often differentiate their departments by area of expertise. Finance is in one silo. Research and development is in another. Sales and customer service is another. Marketing is another. And finally, technology is another. But, when it comes … Continue reading

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Protecting Your Privacy Is Your Responsibility

How often do you think about your privacy rights? You may think about them when an email breach or data security breach is documented by the mainstream media (remember, Sony, Epsilon, Citigroup, etc.) or maybe for a few brief seconds … Continue reading

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Sharing Management Skills with Fellow IT Professionals

Recently, I read a useful guidebook that presented an array of tools for new managers that are also useful reminders for long-time managers. Since many in the tech industry don’t often focus on learning how to manage effectively – because … Continue reading

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Does Your Business Have an Information Security & Privacy Awareness Program?

There is no doubt that everyone is tired of hearing about security breaches. From Epsilon to Sony to Sega to Citigroup, computer users wonder if anyone cares about online privacy and security. Well, there is one person who always has … Continue reading

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