Are You Integrating Security into Your Celebration of #CXDay?

Security for CX DayIs the first Tuesday of October marked as a special date on your calendar? If not, the significance around social channels will alert you to this hashtag. The second Tuesday in October is #CXDay, and according to Annette Franz (@CXJourney on Twitter), “It’s a celebration of customer experience professionals, those folks who work tirelessly to design and deliver a great customer experience to their customers. The day is meant to continue to raise awareness of the importance of the customer experience.”

My grad school studies were in marketing, so while my professional focus may not be customer service or marketing, I am able to clearly see the alignment between the marketing and technology functions within a business. First, who are the IT Department’s customers? While we often don’t think about this, we in the IT world serve employees within other internal departments: Human Resources, Finance, Research and Development, Manufacturing, Marketing/PR, Sales, Customer Service, Legal, etc. On the other side of the coin, we also serve customers by maintaining the hardware and software to bring products or services to external customers since we maintain the web servers, websites, and networks that support them. So, when you think about it, we really are a piece of the pie that delivers service.

As a midsize business, how will you celebrate Customer Experience Day? Will you send your customers an email thanking them for their business? Will you send them a discount on a future purchase of your product or service? Will you hold a party or some other big function to recognize and thank your customers? Or, will you give your employees movie tickets or cash bonuses?

No matter how you recognize the customer experience that your business provides, don’t forget to integrate SECURITY. The core of recognizing your customers is showing them that you value them and their business – and the most important way you can do that is to protect their data. In today’s era of data breach announcements hitting the news almost on a daily basis, show that you truly value your customers. Let them know on Customer Experience Day how you protect their data – send them an email highlighting your data protection policies, your online privacy policy, and your data recovery policy. Knowledge is power, therefore, letting your customers know how you protect their data may keep them from suing you later.

Since it gets harder and harder to stand apart from the competition, use Customer Experience Day as a way to stand out. Integrate security into your celebration and let your customers know that their data protection is just as important to YOU as it is to THEM.

To see how you can participate in #CXDay, click here:

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