Backup Day is Every Day – Not Just Once a Year


You may have heard the recent buzz in the tech world: “Don’t Be an April Fool. Be Prepared. Back up your files on March 31.”

According to Backblaze, 30% of people have never backed up their systems. That’s a staggering statistic when you think of the horrifying repercussions of not backing up, such as, recreating Word documents, recreating Excel spreadsheets, researching and verifying data online, losing tax returns, etc. This is why you need to back up your business data (and personal data including photos also) on a regular basis.

Data is the currency of any business – the details about customers and prospective customers. So imagine this scenario: one day, you walk into your office, and your data is gone. What would you do? Do you have a data recovery plan? Who would recreate the list of customers? Do you know all of the contact information for your customers?

Provided you have a complete backup of your data and your OS, this scenario would not be a nightmare and you would not spend thousands of dollars, or depending on the size of your business, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars including personnel hours to recreate your database.

A few years ago, a client got a virus on his desktop computer, and it destroyed the hard drive. Since the virus couldn’t be removed, the machine was sent to the E-Trash heap. But thankfully, there was a backup. This client had all of his data stored on an external backup drive, and so after he got a new system, we were able to reload all of his software and all of his files, and within a couple of days, he was up and running as if nothing had happened. But if he hadn’t listened to my daily reminders about the importance of backing up, his situation would have had a very different and painful outcome.

So how often do you create a full backup or second copy of all your important files? Let’s not forget system recovery discs. Do you keep the second copy somewhere safe – not sitting next to your computer on your desk?

My mantra is: It’s not IF you lose your data, but WHEN. So back up often and on a regular basis. Set up Microsoft backup or Time Machine for Apple, or even back up to the Cloud. In fact, if you don’t set up an automatic backup, how about setting up a reminder on your smartphone calendar to back up every Friday? You’ll be glad you did.

The moral of this story: If you don’t back up, don’t be surprised if one day, your data “currency” is gone. No one likes to be data bankrupt.


Inspiration for this post:
World Backup Day

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