A Perplexing iPhone 5 Photo Issue


A client recently told me she had purchased an iPhone 5, but she was experiencing trouble transferring photos from the iPhone to her computer. Apparently, most iPhone users take photos with their phones but don’t transfer photos to their PCs or laptops, but this user wanted to do that.

So here are the instructions to resolve this issue in the event that you or someone you know experiences this same situation. On your traditional computer’s desktop or laptop’s desktop:

  • Go to Start
  • In the Search box at the bottom, type “Autoplay”
  • Click on Autoplay
  • Click the box “Use Autoplay for all media and devices”
  • Then, for PICTURES, click: Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer

The next time you sync your iPhone with your computer, a folder will appear on your computer’s desktop. Double click on the folder. It will open to a drive called Internal Storage – double click on it. The next folder will be called DCIM – double click on that folder. The next folder will have a bunch of numbers – double click on it. Your images will be within that folder. But the images will only be photos you’ve taken with the iPhone that are stored within the Camera Roll.



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