Holiday Thanks to 12 Security and Privacy Experts

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In the spirit of the holidays, I’d like to share the websites of 12 amazing security and privacy experts who, day in and day out, have provided valuable content throughout 2012. Join me in thanking them by continuing to follow them and conversing on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. In no particular order, here they are:

[1] Theresa Payton (@FortaliceLLC on Twitter)

Theresa Payton, an infosecurity and cybersecurity expert who has been called, “a protector of the cyber universe,” is at the helm of Fortalice, LLC, a tech consulting firm comprised of cybercrime fighters who vigilantly watch over governments, businesses, and consumers in an effort to protect all from Internet predators.

[2] Mary Kay Hoal (@marykayhoal on Twitter)

Led by Mary Kay Hoal, Yoursphere is an extraordinary social network for kids and their parents, where online safety is priority one.

[3] Bill Latchford (@PCOorg on Twitter)

An advocate for child safety, Bill created the site to help raise awareness of the rising threats that the Internet and technology pose to children.

[4] Shaun Dakin (@shaundakin and @PrivacyCamp and @UsefulPrivacy on Twitter)

Shaun Dakin of Dakin & Associates is an advocate who fights for everyone’s privacy rights. He leads weekly #PrivChat discussions on Twitter (Tuesdays at noon Eastern) and also founded the National Political Do Not Contact Registry.

[5] Linda Criddle (@lindacriddle on Twitter)

Linda Criddle is at the helm of iLOOKBOTHWAYS, whose premise is that we all deserve the right to a positive and rewarding online experience, and she works to educate consumers of all ages how to use online services safely.

[6] Shawn E. Tuma (@shawnetuma on Twitter)

Shawn E. Tuma is a lawyer with experience in computer fraud, data security, privacy, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, unfair competition, and theft of trade secrets. Shawn’s posts and discussions can be found on his Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

[7] Rebecca Herold (@PrivacyProf on Twitter)

Recognized as one of the “Top Influences in IT Security” and one of the “Best Privacy Advisors in the World,” Rebecca Herold is an internationally-known author, blogger, instructor, and consultant specializing in information security, privacy, and compliance.

[8] Shawn Marie Edgington (@DigitalWorld101 on Twitter)

Shawn Marie Edgington is America’s leading “Texpert” and cyberbullying prevention expert and also referred to as the “cyber-safety mom.” She is the author of the book, “The Parent’s Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media,” and the founder of The Great American NO BULL Challenge, a youth-led national campaign against cyberbullying. As CEO of a national insurance firm, she advises clients about the repercussions of inappropriate social media and harassment in the workplace.

[9] Sue Scheff (@SueScheff on Twitter)

Sue Scheff is an author and parent advocate and promotes parent awareness and education so that parents make sound decisions for their teens. Sue is the Founder of Parents’ Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.) and author of “Wit’s End!” Her valuable advice can be found in national blog posts.

[10] Chris Duque (@CyberSafety808 on Twitter)

Chris Duque is a retired member of the Honolulu Police Department specializing in cyber investigations and computer forensics, and he’s Hawaii’s leading cyber safety expert and a tireless advocate for children’s safety.

[11] Anthony M. Freed (@anthonymfreed on Twitter)

An infosecurity expert, Anthony Freed blogs regularly about infosecurity, risk, and compliance. He was the editor of and recently started Security Bistro.

[12] Robert Siciliano (@RobertSiciliano and @IDTheftExpert on Twitter)

You’ve seen him on TV and online, and that’s because Identity Theft Expert and Speaker Robert Siciliano is committed to empowering everyone to avoid becoming victims of phishing scams, data breaches, cybersquatting scams, ID theft, and a myriad of other online crimes.

Happy Holidays to one and all!


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