Are You Ready for Cyber Monday?

With so much focus on Black Friday, let’s not forget about the online version known as Cyber Monday. If you still have some money left to spend on Cyber Monday, be safe online.

Here are my favorite online safety tips:

  • If an E-commerce site requires a password, create one just for that site.
  • Look for the HTTPS URL before entering any credit card details.
  • Make sure your desktop, laptop, smartphone, and mobile device have anti-virus protection.
  • Don’t open an email that looks like a purchase confirmation but has an unrecognizable address – just click delete!
  • Ask yourself: do you really want to share your purchase details on Facebook or Twitter? Tell Amazon no thanks.
  • Log off from E-commerce sites after completing your transactions.
  • Be careful about using free WiFi – your personal info could be stolen.
  • Never, ever leave your devices unattended – in coffee shops, airports, hotel lobbies – even for a second. Thieves move with super human speed. Make sure you have a remote wipe software installed on all devices in the event that something happens.

Happy Cyber Monday – shop smart and stay safe!



About Allan Pratt

Technology and cybersecurity professional with focus on tech news, cybersecurity, networking, infrastructure, data protection, consumer electronics, and social media.
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