Recommended Reading as National Cyber Security Month Nears an End

National Cyber Security Month reminds us that we have an obligation to practice safe and secure surfing each and every day. So, have you done something special to recognize this once-a-year reminder?

Did your company implement stronger security practices and train employees on the new and improved practices? Did your company hold events to raise community awareness and educate young people? At a minimum, did you require your employees to change their passwords?

To commemorate the month’s importance, I have assembled ten recommended articles. Some are current while others are a bit older – but still just as relevant as when originally written. Note, I have included the full links instead of abbreviated links for safety. Thanks to all the privacy, security, and infosecurity experts featured.

[1] “Repost from Social Media to Lose Customers and Friends Fast” by Rebecca Herold

[2] “Ten Steps toward Eliminating Insider Threats” by Paul Kenyon

[3] “Bugging Out with Personal Information” by John D. McCann

[4] “What’s Your Contingency Plan? 5 Data Backup Scenarios to Plan For” by Bryan Black

[5] “An Easy Guide to Teaching Online Privacy to Your Child” by Mary Kay Hoal

[6] “Spokeo and Why You Should Be Concerned about Your Personal Information Bubble” by Bryan Black

[7] “A Penny for Your Privacy” by Chris Taylor and Ron Webb

[8] “Social Media: Now Available in Original Recipe or Extra Creepy” by Dan Tynan

[9] “Why You Shouldn’t Abstain From Social Media” by Simon Hill

[10] “Privacy Scares from the Ghosts of Job Applicants Past” by Rebecca Herold

What would you add to this list?


About Allan Pratt

Technology and cybersecurity professional with focus on tech news, cybersecurity, networking, infrastructure, data protection, consumer electronics, and social media.
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