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What constitutes crossing the privacy boundary line?

Recently, I received a piece of direct mail that caused me to take notice. It was a letter from a local car dealership, a Lexus dealership. The letter began, “Dear Allan, this is an important notice concerning anyone who may … Continue reading

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Everyone Must Be Responsible When It Comes to Information Security

Top management teams often differentiate their departments by area of expertise. Finance is in one silo. Research and development is in another. Sales and customer service is another. Marketing is another. And finally, technology is another. But, when it comes … Continue reading

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How will Facebook’s IPO impact online privacy?

Facebook’s imminent IPO is cause to revisit the issue of online privacy because this will be a monumental event. For many of the 750 million-plus account holders of Facebook, the IPO may happen quietly. But the online privacy arena will … Continue reading

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