If Santa Leaves You an iPad, Here Are 20 Must-Have Apps

If you receive an iPad this holiday season, you may be overwhelmed by the possibilities – especially with over 140,000 apps. But once you spend some time getting acquainted with your new gadget, you will quickly get up to speed with its capabilities. You will be able to surf the net, update your social media accounts, and take photos. But, don’t get so caught up with your new toy that you forget to spend quality time with your friends and family. In fact, the truth is, they may want to share your iPad, and you may quickly lose sight of it. But once you have it back, here are some must-have apps to install.

Amazon: Be honest, how often do you check Amazon before you buy something? This app allows you to search, compare prices, and shop on Amazon. (Free)

Bing: Consider this app to be your friendly iPad browser. (Free)

CNN: This app provides the latest news – you can comment and share. (Free)

Colorful Aquarium: Do fish relax you? Then this app was designed for you. It transforms your iPad screen into a customized aquarium. You add fish to the aquarium, set the number of bubbles, and determine when to feed the fish. (Free)

Dictionary & Thesaurus: If you ever need to spell a word or find a similar word, then this app is right up your alley. (Free)

Dragon Dictation: This app uses your voice to take notes or pen the great American novel. Just don’t cough or sneeze, the app may think you said something else. (Free)

GasBuddy: This app allows you to find the closest gas station with the lowest price. (Free)

Google Earth: Google vehicles has intelligence on the entire planet, so check out the photos and satellite imagery with this app. (Free)

Grocery IQ: This app allows you to keep a running grocery list, and with the camera, you can scan a barcode of any item, and it will automatically appear on your list. Send the list to your spouse or significant other with a hint to stop at the store. (Free)

iFood Assistant: This app was developed by Kraft Foods, and it provides thousands of recipes including a recipe of the day. You can even set it up to set alert reminders and watch video tutorials. ($0.99)

Movie Trailers: This app allows you to watch trailers for current and upcoming movies. ($1.99)

National Geographic Fotopedia – Above France: If you are a fan of everything French, then this is the app for you. This app features more than 2,000 photos of bridges, castles, quaint villages, rivers, etc. ($2.99)

Photoshop Express: This app will allow you to make minor edits to photos you view on your iPad: from adding effects to cropping, rotating, and flipping images. (Free)

TakeMeHome: This app will be your lifeline if your iPad is ever lost or stolen. Sign up and create a lock screen message that will tell whoever has your iPad to return it. You determine the message for your lock screen – so you can include an email or phone number. ($0.99)

TempConvert: If you travel internationally, this app converts temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice-versa. (Free)

Weather Channel: If you’re one of those people who has to know the weather every hour of the day and night, then this is the app for you. (Free)

WordPress: Do you like to blog a lot? This app allows you to blog on the go. (Free)

World Book – This Day in History: Want to know what George Washington or Thomas Jefferson did today? This app provides historical data for every day. (Free)

World Click: If you travel internationally, this app is for you. With this app, you can display from one to 24 clocks, and you can also search by city name. There are five clock designs as well as alarm functionality. ($0.99)

Zite: This app is a daily newspaper, and you can customize the content you see. You can also share content with just a click of your mouse. (free)

If I need to throw in a game, I guess it would have to be Angry Birds.

So, what’s your favorite must-have app? See you at the app store.


About Allan Pratt

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