5 Ways to Customize Your Google+ Experience

It seems that everyone and his or her brother has an opinion about Google+ and how it may revolutionize social media. As far as I’m concerned, if Google+ pays more attention to users’ privacy concerns than Facebook, I would welcome it as the social media game changer. But since companies are not yet allowed to create brand pages, and users are still testing circles, hangouts, sparks, and huddles, the jury is still out as to the full impact of Google+. In the meantime, if you want a more customized experience, here are my recommendations:



If you would like to shorten your lengthy Google+ URL that is full of numbers and letters, use this link shortener. You can add a customized name at the end. Here’s mine: http://gplus.to/allanp.



If you would like to show your support for the new Google+ site, you can add the logo to your photo or image. Check mine out on my Google+ profile.



While Google has not yet created its own RSS feed, this site offers a URL option. Simply copy the numbers in your full Google+ link and add them to the URL above. A small window will pop up on your screen asking you to “subscribe with live bookmark.”



Is your friend from college who left Facebook now on Google+? Use this site to find out who’s on Google+. There are also lots of interesting statistics about Google+ users including the top users based on the number of followers, top countries represented, top companies represented, gender distribution, top occupations, and breakdown of users based on city and state.


Since shortcuts are always fun, try these out:

  • Space bar = Scroll down your stream
  • Shift + space bar = Scroll up your stream
  • Tab then enter = Submit a comment
  • J = Go down one post
  • K = Go up one post

Have you found other ways to customize or improve your Google+ experience? Chime in with the details.


About Allan Pratt

Technology and cybersecurity professional with focus on tech news, cybersecurity, networking, infrastructure, data protection, consumer electronics, and social media.
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