Top 12 Twitter Tech Tools

Everyone has something to say about social media. Some say there’s too much noise without any real focus. Some voice their privacy concerns, and rightfully so. Some repeatedly complain that they cannot track ROI from their social media participation. But, none of those issues will be addressed in this post. Instead, since the micro-blog site that only allows 140 characters continues to generate interesting conversations, here are some tech tools to enhance your Twitter experience.

[1] While you know your area of expertise, how often do you check which categories you are listed in? Check out new categories often:

[2] Do you have photos to share via Twitter? Photos can be uploaded to Twitter with a customized email address (provided by Twitter) or through the TwitPic website directly:

[3] Do you ever wonder which of your tweets cause followers to stop following you? Thanks to TweetEffect, you no longer have to wonder:

[4] If you want to analyze your Twitter reach, Tweetreach provides a way to learn your impact and discover your influencers:

[5] If you would like to list your business on a Twitter Business Directory, Twibs is the place:

[6] If you would like to quickly see who is following you, who you are following, and who is a mutual friend, check out FriendorFollow:

[7] If you want to easily monitor key words for your industry, check out:

[8] If you would like to see a graph of your Twitter statistics including tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet timeline, reply stats, check out:

[9] If you have an idea for a hashtag (#) or want to see anything pertaining to a specific hashtag, check out:

[10] Since it is challenging to watch all of your tweets as they are posted, here’s a great way to read 100 of your top followers’ tweets at the same time:

[11] To create a graphical “cloud” that shows “what’s being said” in the Twittersphere, check out:

[12] Lastly, if you want some humor while interacting with Twitter, create a memorable parade of your Twitter followers:


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