The Latest in Search Technology

While this may not be news to some, I was amazed by the latest in search technology. Google recently launched its “Google Goggles,” an app for the Google Android phone.

Google Goggles is search technology ON STEROIDS. You can take a picture of something with a mobile device and a search is instantly conducted. Think of the possibilities. Check out the video on YouTube: Examples include a photo of a book, a photo of a restaurant, and a photo of an historical landmark – once you snap the photo, search results appear.

Now, consider how this search technology can impact commerce. If you have a company whose success requires vehicles on the road, perhaps, a delivery service (think pizza delivery), a painting service, some other type of home repair, etc., potential customers could see your vehicle on the road, take a photo of your vehicle, and click search on their mobile device. Your search results could link to a landing page that said “Welcome to XYZ Company. We are excited that you saw one of vehicles on the road. Click here for a 10% new customer discount.”

Or, if you had a new product and wanted to increase brand awareness. Let’s say that people wore your new brand of tennis shoes at a charity marathon. When interested prospects took photos of your tennis shoes, search results could link to a landing page that said “Welcome to XYZ tennis shoes. We are a new company that provides comfort combined with charitable support. Participate in a marathon to support ABC charity, and you could win a free pair of our tennis shoes.”

The possibilities of visual search technology are endless, which makes this such an exciting new frontier for technology marketing. So, how are you going to integrate it into your company’s marketing plan?


About Allan Pratt

Technology and cybersecurity professional with focus on tech news, cybersecurity, networking, infrastructure, data protection, consumer electronics, and social media.
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